Thursday, November 4, 2010

Regarding Jobs

Life's finally picking up in terms of the growing up part. I had been giving myself a pretty big guilt trip about turning 23 and not having a job, and pretty much as soon as the day had passed, I started getting calls about working.
It's one of those things that my mom used to always remind me of (and I always hated to hear her say), that good things will happen when you least expect them.
On the bleh side of this I appear to have gotten sick again, but that's to be expected as right around this time I get either a cold or strep throat. Stupid body.

Anyhow, these days here's the lineup:
-Starting new position at Knitting store in Boston 11/5
-Painting for A.Y.L.I. to be finished on 11/6
-Starting new position at Wine store in Somerville 11/7
-Continuing After School K-2 in JP
-Making art and stuff.

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