Thursday, October 21, 2010

twenty three.

The nothing birthday is fast approaching. A birthday which earns me no novel privileges. However, these days its looking like I'll feel pretty happy to be alive.
I have a gallery show coming up, which has been so widely popular that there are two openings scheduled.
So far the gifts have been pretty freakin awesome. My friend JJ bought me an apron designed by the lovely Jeph Jaques from his comic "Questionable Content." Perhaps I will take a picture of it at some point. ANNND my lovely friend Dawn took me to see Me First and The Gimme Gimmes at the Paradise, which was an incredible show. I also got to chill with my best guys earlier this week, which was a gift unto itself. Not to mention that when the evening came to a close (12:30 or so), I somehow managed to make it back to Somerville around 1:30, though the T is supposed to make its last stop at 12:50.

Anyhow, here are some...
Memorable moments:
Tom: (sam aka "Sudspuss" enters the bar) "Woooaah, it just got all sudsy in here!"
Tom: "I'm thinkin' that its about time to bring back the mohawk. I just need someone to do it for me, because I know I'll fuck it up."
Me: "I'll do it!"
Matt: "Ennhh, I dunno. She takes off little too much."
John: "Was that a SCALPING joke?"

The Teenagebottlerockets: "Do people in Boston like pizza? (crowd cheers) RIGHT ON! This songs about BURRITOS!"

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Spike Slawson: "Boston, where there are SO many douchebags, but no clean vaginas!"
Joey Cape: (after fans keep throwing cigarettes at him) "Man, Boston really wants me to keep smoking."
Fat Mike: (cheers) "Here we go, Cancer, Here we go!"
Spike Slawson: "You know, rhythm is a cancer..."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

List of art things to create:
- Set for AYLI
- Comics (creepy songs and "dude, look how big this is getting")
- Pretty posters for musicals and plays (sexy additions to portfolio)
- Fake band posters (for fake bands or not, ie hot little hate junkie)
- flier buffer for Eolune and possibly some for Streight Angular
- knitted quilt
- more ceramics (call Janna?)
- paint my room
I'm trying to cultivate the artist title of "Fury" because it was my grandfather's original last name. He was born to an Irish father and a Souix mother, so due to the times and people not really supporting interracial marriage or children, he was put up for adoption. He was given the name James Fury, which is just one of the most badass names ever.

Anyhow, now that I'm trying to embrace it in my artwork as my pseudonym, I look at it and worry that its either dumb or that it looks a little too much like "Furry"...

Clarification. I am not a furry. It's on the internet forever now, people.
So life has been interesting since last I posted up here.
Its been 2 years, 3 different apartments, and 6 different roommates since my last post.
And now its real life. I finished my thesis in December, finished my portfolio in April, and graduated in May.
I went back to Arizona for a little bit to hang out with my parents and to set up my room for the arrival of my grandmother, who has now moved into what used to be my room.
Annnd then I came back to Boston and was subsequently invited to go to Europe with Matt. It was probably not the best idea in terms of fiscal responsibility, but in all honesty, its the happiest that I've been in a good while. It was 5 days in London, 2 days in Amsterdam, and 3 days in Berlin.

London, as I had predicted, was the area in which I felt the happiest and most comfortable, so much so that I hope to one day live out there. Amsterdam was beautiful once we got away from the more touristy areas of the place and there were lots of really nice people. Berlin was slightly unfriendly, and I suppose I wish that I had found out the artsy places sooner. We got ourselves lost on purpose and then finally felt oddly at home. All in all it was a good bonding experience for the two of us, the fact that we didn't kill each other was surprising after that much time alone.

More recently, I've been settling into a new living situation. The old place was shared with N.M. who I had lived with previously, her boyfriend T.P., an old friend L.M., and our resident fancy gentleman, J.P. All in all, it was a difficult time, socially it often worked out, but in terms of actual important roommate things (cleaning, paying bills, personal boundaries, etc), I think we ended up getting on each others' nerves. I hope to keep them all as friends, but it was certainly time for a change.
Now, I'm living with one of my best friends since middle school E.E., his girlfriend D.R., and another buddy M.D. I'm incredibly happy with how the apartment has been, its a beautiful place and bonding with M.D. has been pretty awesome. She's in grad school at the moment, so she's been somewhat scarce, but its odd. I miss her when shes gone, and we tend to get super excited when the other comes home. It's one of the nicest friendships I've developed.

In terms of my artwork, and work in general, things have gotten much better recently. I have a gallery opening coming up this week at Space 242, a volunteer teaching position in JP, and hopefully a new retail job.

All in all, life has been good these days. I hope it will stay that way.