Friday, November 12, 2010


I am going through an interesting time these days. I have a very odd lineup of jobs, each of which present new and interesting challenges and diverse social instances. Really, my jobs run the gamut of cultivating relationships with people from all different age groups and walks of life.

The teaching job (volunteer work with K-2) has me connecting to really young kids and getting to the point where I am so so looking forward to teaching. The Liquor store job really has me working with people my own age and much much older, around the same socio-economic background as I am, but I'm gaining much more knowledge about beer, wine, and fine cuisine from my manager C. and coworker J. The knitting and needle point store definitely gives me perspective from an older age group, and its been especially interesting working with the women. I feel a bit like I'm a surrogate daughter there, and they all mother me a bit, poking at me to eat when I seem like I'm tired, asking me about who I'm dating, all that good stuff.

And lastly but certainly not least is the set painting. I suppose its taught me the most about myself and about my limits. Post college me is slacking off more than I should be. Deadlines weren't really my strong point in college and now that I have this huge project left up to me in a more professional arena than the stuff I did for MIT, there has been a lot of pressure. A good friend of mine who is also working on the show has been vouching for me, both in terms of skill and responsibility, this entire time, and I know for a fact that I've disappointed him. It will all be done soon, though.

I'm glad that things have changed.

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